It's a New Day!

It's a New Day!

Fed up.

That was me. I was drowning in a sea of noise.

Noise from the biased media and their agendas. Noise from broken-record politicians who claim to put America first but don't show it in their actions. Noise from everyone and everything that tried to tear down not only my Christian values but the values upon which the United States was founded.

I felt our nation was slipping from God's hand and dancing with the devil. That grieved my soul to the core...and still does. I eventually hibernated from the noise and spent a lot of time in prayer.

"Lord, what can we do?"

"Why are we no longer "one nation under God" anymore?"

"Lord, we need Your light to break through the dark cloud that seems to loom over this country."

He knew I had lost hope in the future of this country. He knew that I felt silenced. He knew I was fed up. But He didn't want me to give up. So, I didn't. During that prayer time, God gave me the idea for the Red Wave Box, a way to connect with other conservatives across the country.

Although still in the development process, Red Wave Box is a curated selection of goodies that celebrate the values we hold dear: limited government, free markets and traditional American values. From patriotic apparel to unique conservative-themed gifts, the monthly subscription box is packed with surprises that will make you proud to be an American. It's all about fun, freedom and standing with conservatives like you.

We see you and we stand with you! Don't give up hope!

It's a new day with Red Wave Box! The Red Wave is coming! 

-- Robyn Hoffman,
Red Wave Box Team


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